Welcome to Swedish Microwave Days March 11-12, 2014


Thank you for attending the Swedish Microwave Days 2014!

Thank you for making this year's conference such a success! We are very proud to have been able to gather expertise from both academia and industry. Our special gratitude goes to our sponsors and exhibitors who made this event possible.


Photos from the conference and the conference dinner are now available here >>


The Swedish Microwave Days brings, for the second time, the GigaHertz Symposium and AntennEMB Symposium into a major joint two-day microwave event – this time at Chalmers! With joint exhibitions, plenary sessions, invited speakers, and social events the Swedish Microwave Days will be the perfect meeting point for everyone who is interested to learn about recent advances in microwave, millimeter-wave, THz, or antenna technology or to hear about the recent advances in wireless communications, sensor, and emerging applications!​


Please join us at the premier Nordic venue for industrial and academic microwave research!




Distinguished international keynote speakers:
  • Radio Architecture Challenges and Opportunities in 5G Mobile Communication Systems
    Dr. Jonas Hansryd, Ericsson AB
  • THz Imaging Arrays: Challenges and Opportunities
    Dr. Imran Mehdi, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology, USA
  • RF Graphene Transistors
    PD Dr. Frank Schwierz, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany
  • Solutions for Reconfigurable Mobile Device RF Front-ends
    Dr. Arthur Morris, CTO, Wispry, Inc., USA
  • Connected Arrays: in Ten Years from Concept to the State of the Art in Wide Band Arrays
    Andrea Neto, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Sparse Array Antennas: from Theory to Satellite Applications
    Giovanni Toso, Piero Angeletti
    European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC), Noordwijk, The Netherlands
20 technical sessions with >110 papers to be presented
Application seminars
Major industrial exhibition

“Antenna technology and computational electromagnetics have long traditions in Sweden. The national conferences in the field have a history stretching several decades back in time, and they compose an established activity among scientists in the field. The conferences are now united under the auspices of the national Swedish Committee of Radio Science (SNRV). This merger has been a natural development due to the proximity of the two disciplines and it is seen to constitute a united platform and meeting place for radio scientists”, says Professor Gerhard Kristensson, Lund University, and Chairman of SNRV.


“Microwave Electronics has a strong position in Sweden both from academic and industrial viewpoint. By joining the Swedish Microwave Days 2014, the attendee will get a snapshot of the present status on the research and development within the field. Presentations from national academic groups and industry as well as invited presentations from internationally recognized groups will make this event a success story”, says Professor Herbert Zirath, Chalmers University.


GigaHertz Symposium

GigaHertz Symposium is a biennial conference in the field of GigaHertz technology. This will be the 12th GigaHertz Symposium after its start in Linköping 1992. The scope is broad, ranging from devices to systems, and from single GHz frequencies up to several THz. The conference is a meeting place for researchers in the field from industry, academia, and research institutes. The format of the conference is a mix of invited talks and regular submitted papers. A number of leading researchers have been invited to give presentations of different hot topics in GigaHertz and TeraHertz technology.
The emphasis of GigaHertz is on new high-speed devices and circuits and their implementation in wireless communication, sensors and fiber optic communication systems. We also welcome submissions in emerging nanodevices, wireless and optical communication and antenna integration.

AntennEMB Symposium

AntennEMB, is the radio science conference on Antennas and Computational Electromagnetics organized by SNRV (Svenska Nationalkommittén för Radiovetenskap, the Swedish URSI Committee). The AntennEMB has been organized on a regular basis for more than a decade and the last conference was held in Stockholm 2012 as part of the Swedish Radio and Microwave Days. The format of the conference combines invited key-note talks with original contributions from the conference participants in the form of oral presentations and interactive poster sessions.

The aim is to bring together people from industry, academia and other research oriented organizations with an interest in antennas and computational electromagnetics. The scope of the conference includes the development of computational methods, optimization algorithms and programming techniques, and all types of antenna technology, applications, theory and measurement techniques.

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