The Swedish Microwave Days 2014 will be held at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg on March 11-12.

The main Chalmers campus Johanneberg is located within walking distance from the city centre. The "Chalmers" tram and bus stop at a near distance, which makes it convenient to get to and from Chalmers.


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About Chalmers
Chalmers was founded in 1829. The university is named after the major benefactor, William Chalmers, one of the directors of the successful Swedish East India Company in Göteborg. William Chalmers (1748-1811) had created a greater wealth from his work within the Swedish East India Company during the late 1700's. William Chalmers bequeathed all his estate to the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg and to the creation of a handicraft school for poor children who learned to read and write. Chalmersska Slöjdeskolan, which opened in Gothenburg, November 5, 1829, and became the beginning of Chalmers University of Technology.
The first president was the industrialist Carl Palmstedt. The connections with industry and commerce has therefore been natural from the very beginning.
Chalmers is the only university in Sweden, which is named after a person. The emblem Avancez together with the logo, forms the university brand. The emblem has its origin in the donor William Chalmers seal.
Today, Chalmers has about 11,000 students on two campuses in Göteborg, approximately 2500 empolyees. Chalmers offers a wide range of education programmes, mainly in engineering and architecture.
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About Göteborg
Göteborg - the Swedish name of Gothenburg - is the second-largest city in Sweden (after Stockholm). Situated on the south-west coast of Sweden, the city has approximately 500 000 inhabitants in the urban area. Gothenburg has a feel of a big city with a small town charm. The closeness to the sea with its unique archipelago, the wide selection of culture entertainment, attractions, sports events, restaurants, shops and cafes makes it one of Sweden's most popular cities.
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Published: Wed 26 Feb 2014.