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6G for Society

6-7 October 2021, online

The develo​pment towards 6G networks of 2030 has started, with the European research initiative Hexa-X ramping up. 6G will be naturally placed in a context of a society striving towards sustainability, and it is key to understand how 6G would fit in and enable a transformation. As societies become more and more reliant on wireless connectivity, the trustworthiness of the communication system is essential, and the digital inclusion of everyone is critical, especially in a post-pandemic society.​ ​
The Swedish Hexa-X members Chalmers, Ericsson, and Qamcom are inviting to a 2-day online workshop to discuss how 6G can contribute to societal targets of sustainability, trustworthiness, and digital inclusion in three dedicated sessions following an opening session on the state of 6G research. Invited presenters from academia, industry, and Swedish public sector will share their view on what the relevant societal challenges and possibilities are for wireless networks going towards 2030. Presentations will be given in 20min slots followed by 10min Q&A from the online chat, and the sessions will be followed by panel discussions.​ ​

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