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Day 1 – 6 October 2021

Introduction – 6G vision and key values
08.30–12.00 CEST

​08.30 ​Introduction of the Swedish 6G workshop ​Tommy Svensson, Chalmers
​08.40 ​6G – Hexa-X overview and vision, key values ​Patrik Rugeland, Ericsson Research
​09.00 ​Operator’s 6G v​ision ​Andreas Kristensson, Telenor
​09.30 ​Six provocations for 6G ​Valerie Schafer, U. Luxembourg
​10.00 ​Coffee break
​10.30 ​Limitless connectivity Magnus Frodigh, Ericsson Research
​Pushing the ​boundaries:
NetworldEurope mapping future challenges
Rui Aguiar, U. Aveiro
​11.30 ​6G Vision and technology trends ​Xu Xiaoyan, CAICT
​12.00 ​Lunch break

Theme 1 – Sustainability
13.00–16.30 CEST

​Sustainability aspects of 6G from a high-tech SME perspective
Johan Lassing​, Qamcom
​13.30  ​Sustainability aspects of ICT from an academic perspective ​Jan Bieser, University of Zurich

​Sustainability aspects of 6G from a mobile operator’s perspective Eric Hardouin, Orange

​14.30 ​Coffee break
​15.00 ​EU Green digital transformation perspective Pertti Jauhiainen, EC

Panel 1: 6G and Sustainability

Johan Lassing
Jan Bieser
Eric Hardouin
Pertti Jauhiainen 
Henrikke Baumann, Chalmers

Day 2 – 7 October 2021

Theme 2 – Digital inclusion
08.30–12.00 CEST


Non terrestrial networks (NTN)
for broadband and IoT services everywhere
​Mats Andersson, Forsway

The urban-rural cellular divide:
how deep is it and how can we bridge it?
Jaap van de Beek, Luleå U.
​09.30 ​Universal design and digital accessibility ​Charlotte Magnusson, Lund U.
​10.00 ​Coffee break
​10.30 A societal perspective on 6G Peter Ljungstrand, RISE

Panel 2: 6G and digital inclusion

David Lister, Vodafone
Mats Andersson
Jaap van de Beek
Charlotte Magnusson
Peter Ljungstrand

​Lunch break

Theme 3 – Trustworthiness
13.00–16.30 CEST

On the importance of reliable information provided by 6G systems for vehicular applications
Håkan Sivencrona, Zenseact
​13.30  ​Security and privacy aspects for 6G wireless systems ​Sonja Buchegger, KTH
​14.00 Cyber security in future networks Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future
​14.30 ​Coffee break

​Robust and secure wireless networks for mission critical applications Jan-Peter Bengtsson, Teracom AB


Panel 3: 6G and Trustworthiness

Håkan Sivencrona
Sonja Buchegger
Staffan Truvé
Jan-Peter Bengtsson

Workshop wrap-up
16.30–17.00 CEST

16.30 Research funding                Lars Gustafsson, Vinnova
​16.50 Concluding remarks and key take-away Organizers
​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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