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Sunday 26 April

Summer school for PhD students with Tutorials on Strong Coupling.

Monday 27 April

08.30-08.45   Opening
08.45-09.20 Invited: Franco Nori, TBA
09.20-09.40 Contributed:​ David Zueco, "Strong coupling, broadband spectroscopy and magnetic correlations in magnetic molecules coupled to superconducting cavities"
09.40-10.15 Invited: Jerome Faist, TBA
10.15-10.50 Invited: Ido Kaminer, "Strong Coupling by Nonlocal Light–Matter Interactions "

10.50-11.20 Coffee/Tea

11.20-11.55 Invited: Päivi Törmä, "Bose-Einstein condensation, stimulated thermalization and strong coupling in plasmonic and dielectric nanoparticle arrays"
11.55-12.15 Contributed: M Dusel, "Room temperature Organic Exciton-Polariton Condensate in a Lattice"
12.15-12.35 Contributed: Lakhwani Girish, "Perylene derivatives for polariton lasing"
12.35-12.55 Contributed: Thilo Stöferle, "Polariton condensation in a 2D Lieb lattice with a tunable microcavity at room temperature"

12.55-14.10  Lunch

14.10-14.45 Invited: Christoph Lienau, "Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy: A powerful tool for probing strong couplings in molecular aggregates"
14.45-15.05  Contributed: Jan Lüttgens, "Radiative Pumping of Exciton-Polaritons by Luminescent sp3 Defects in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
15.05-15.25 Contributed: Lars Mewes, "Energy relaxation in molecular cQED systems: Insights from coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy"
15.25-15.45 Contributed: Ora Bitton, "Vacuum Rabi splitting of bright and dark plasmonic cavitymodes in the limit of a single quantum emitter"

15.45-16.15  Coffee/Tea

16.15-16.50 Invited: Koen Vandewal, "Organic opto-electronics enhanced with weak and strong light-matter coupling"
16.50-17.25 Invited: Jenny Clark, TBA
17.25-17.45 Contributed: Matthijs Berghuis, "Enhancing triplet fusion in tetracene crystals by strong light-matter coupling"
17.45-18.20 Invited: Stephane Kena-Cohen, "Molecular strong coupling and novel structures for manipulating light​"
18.20-21.00  Poster session & refreshments

Tuesday 28 April

08.30-09.05   Invited: Thomas Ebbesen, "Chemical and material properties under strong coupling"
09.05-09.25 ContributedMarkus Kowalewski​, "Non-adiabatic dynamics of a cavity coupled molecule in a mixed atomic-molecular ensemble"
09.25-09.45 ContributedFelipe Herrera, "Chemical reactivity of vibrational polaritons in the ultrastrong coupling regime"
09.45-10.20 Invited: Johannes Feist, TBA

10.20-10.50 Coffee/Tea

10.50-11.25 Invited: Ruben Esteban, "Collective effects and resonant Raman scattering in molecular optomechanics"
11.25-11.45 Contributed: Tomasz Antoiewicz, "Nanoscale polaritons in a first-principles picture"
11.45-12.05 Contributed: Gerrit Groenhof, "Multi-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Molecular Ensembles Strongly Coupled to Low-Quality Dispersive Optical Cavities"
12.05-12.25 Contributed: Jussi Toppari, "Effect of molecular dynamics on strongly coupled hybrid states between organic molecules and confined light"
12.25-12.45 Contributed: Christian Schäfer, "Ab initio theoretical cavity QED - a mechanism for reactive slowdown under VSC"

12.45-14.00  Lunch

Invited: Jonathan Keeling, "Modelling Organic polariton condensation: Mean-field and beyond"
14.35-15.10   Invited: Pavlos Lagoudakis, TBA
15.10-15.45 Invited: Christian Schneider, "Room temperature Exciton-Polaritons and their Condensates in Optical Lattices"

15.45-16.15  Coffee/Tea

16.15-16.50 Invited: Jeremy Baumberg, TBA
16.50-17.25 Invited: Matthew Pelton, "Room-temperature strong coupling between plasmons and single quantum dots"
17.25-17.45 Contributed: Kyriacos Georgiou, "Mirror-less organic cavities: New platform for polariton chemistry"
17.45-18.05 Contributed: Adarsh Vasista, "Soft microresonators for molecule–cavity coupling: what, why, and how"

19.00-21.00  Conference dinner

Wednesday 29 April

09.00-09.35 Invited talk: Joel Yuen-Zhou, "Polariton chemistry: the role of bright and dark states​"
09.35-09.55 Contributed talk: Francesco Todisco, "Magnetic and electric Mie-Exciton polaritons in silicon nanodisks"
09.55-10.30 Invited talk: Mikhail Noginov, "Control of Physical Phenomena with Nonlocal Metal-Dielectric Environments"

10.30-11.00 Coffee/Tea

11.00-11.20 Contributed: Kenji Hirai, "Vibrational Strong Coupling in Organic Reactions and Self-assembly"
11.20-11.40 Contributed: Blake Simpkins, "Strong Vibrational Coupling for Chemical Control and Optical Modulation"
11.40-12.00 Contributed: Tal Schwartz, "Strong Coupling with Collective Terahertz Vibrations in Organic Materials"
12.00-12.35 Invited: Wei Xiong, "Ultrafast Dynamics and Interactions of Molecular Vibrational Polaritons"

12.35-13.00 Closing remarks

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