SCOM 2020

Strong Coupling with Organic Molecules (SCOM)​

​"SCOM 2020 is the third international workshop on strong coupling in organic materials. It will be held in Gothenburg in Sweden on 26-29 April 2020. It builds on the very successful workshops, SCOM16 and SCOM18, held in San Sebastian and in Eindhoven in 2016 and in 2018, respectively.
The workshop brings together researchers from different disciplines including: Photonics, Quantum Optics, Plasmonics, Materials, Chemistry and Condensed Matter Physics to discuss the latest developments in the study of the strong coupling involving organic molecules and optical cavities. Leaders in the field discuss recent results on phenomena that involve polaritonic states, molecular excitations, molecular vibrations and their complex interactions, giving rise to a plethora of fascinating effects of both scientific and technological interest." 

Confirmed speakers

Jeremy Baumberg (Cambridge University)
Jenny Clark (University of Sheffield)​
Thomas Ebbesen (University of Strasbourg)
Ruben Esteban (DIPC, San Sebastian)
Jerome Faist (ETH Zurich)​
Johannes Feist (University Autonoma de Madrid)
Ido Kaminer (Technion)
Jonathan Keeling (University of St Andrews)
Stephane Kena-Cohen (Polytechnique de Montréal)
Pavlos Lagoudakis (University of Southhampton)
Christoph Lienau (University of Oldenburg)
Mikhail Noginov (Norfolk State University)
Franco Nori (RIKEN)
Matthew Pelton (University of Maryland)
Christian Schneider (University of Würzburg)
Päivi Törmä (Aalto University)
Koen Vandewal (Hasselt University)
Wei Xiong (University of California in San Diego)​
Joel Yuen-Zhou (University California San Diego)
Jana Zaumseil (University of Heidelberg)

International organizing committee:
Jaime Gómez Rivas, (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) Bill Barnes, (University of Exeter, UK) Francisco García Vidal, (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and DIPC, Spain) Javier Aizpurua (Center for Materials Physics, CSIC-UPV/EHU and DIPC, the Basque Country)

Local organizing committee:
Timur Shegai (Chalmers University of Technology) and Karl Börjesson (University of Gothenburg)

Published: Fri 15 Mar 2019. Modified: Tue 29 Oct 2019