Kenneth Runesson honorary seminar

We start the conference already on Wednesday 26/10 with an honorary seminar for Kenneth Runesson, who retired from his chair in November 2015. We honor Kenneth with a number of dedicated lectures:


​13:30 Introduction Professor Ragnar Larsson

​13:45 xxxxxxx

​Professor Paul Steinmann, Chair of Applied Mechanics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Title: On Computational Homogenization of Elastic Diffusors, co‐author Stefan Kaessmair

​14:30 xxxxxxx Professor Niels Saabye Ottosen, Solid Mechanics, Lund University. Title: Aspects of non-coherent interface models at finite displacements, co-authors Matti Ristinmaa and Jörn Mosler.
​15:00 ​Coffee



​Professor Holger Steeb, Chair of Continuum Mechanics, Universität Stuttgart, Title: Wave induced fluid flow in porous rocks - a multi-scale poroelastic challenge.



​Professor Fredrik Larsson, Applied Mechanics, Chalmers. Title: A two-scale finite element formulation for fracturing solids using smeared macro-to-micro transition of discontinuities, co-authors Erik Svenning, Martin Fagerström.
​16:45 ​End



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