Executive Committee of NoACM:

  • Trond Kvamsdal (Chairman) and Knut Morten Okstad (Secretary), Norway
  • Erik Lund and Jens Honoré Walther, Denmark
  • Arkadi Berezovski, Estonia (Baltic Countries)
  • Reijo Kouhia and Antti Niemi, Finland
  • Leif Rune Hellevik, Norway
  • Ragnar Larsson and Mats G Larson, Sweden

Local organizing committee:

  • Ragnar Larsson, Chalmers, Chair,
  • Mats Ander, Chalmers
  • Leif Asp, Chalmers
  • Jonas Östh, Chalmers
  • Jim Brouzoulis, Chalmers
  • Magnus Ekh, Chalmers
  • Fredrik Larsson, Chalmers
  • Anders Logg, Chalmers
  • Thomas Abrahamsson, Chalmers

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