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Main entrance, Hörsalsvägen 11, Göteborg | 4 April 2019

At Elkraftdagen, you will gain insight into the major challenges that the Electric Power Engineering area is facing, and how you in your role as engineer can contribute to the development of sustainable energy systems in the mW- to GW-levels. Elkraftdagen is an annual event organized by the division of Electric Power Engineering.

A meeting place for students, academia and industry

The aim of the event is to show the advancements occurring in the interesting and diverse field of electric power engineering, and also to serve as a forum for communication between students, academia and industry.

For students, this day is a great opportunity to get insight into the challenges in electric power engineering, and to learn more of the Master's programme Electric Power Engineering. For industry, this is an excellent possibility to share experiences of professional engineering work, and to show the state-of-the-art within selected areas. This day also provides a chance to establish contacts with students interested in electric power engineering. In addition, the day offers good opportunities to discuss topics for thesis projects for students, academia and industry.

Program and registration

The day begins 11:30 in the main entrance to Electric Power Engineering/High Voltage Engineering (Hörsalsvägen 11), with an exhibition from companies within the Electric Power Engineering area, a baguette lunch and an opportunity to take a tour of the labs of the Electric Power Engineering and High Voltage Engineering divisions. After lunch the day continues with a number of interesting presentations from companies involved in the broad area of Electric Power Engineering. The day ends with a dinner buffet in Café Linsen, starting at 17:00.

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If you want a booth at the exhibition, or if you have any questions, please contact Stefan Lundberg.


Division of Electric Power Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

Published: Mon 12 Mar 2018. Modified: Thu 11 Apr 2019