Ruth Graham

Recognising and rewarding university teaching achievement

By: Ruth Graham, Consultant in Engineering Education and Entrepreneurship at R H Graham Consulting Limited

Universities across the world are engaged in a common drive to improve the quality of teaching. Central to this mission are robust frameworks for evaluating and rewarding the teaching achievements of academic staff.
The talk will describe such a framework currently under development, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineeing: the Career Framework for University Teaching. It is being developed to provide universities with a robust and transparent tool for defining and evaluating teaching achievement at all stages of the career ladder and for all levels of individual contribution to teaching and learning. In particular, the framework is designed to offer a clear set of definitions and criteria of teaching achievement that are not bounded by disciplinary, institutional or national contexts, thus maximising the opportunities for achievements to be transferable between institutions. A global consortium of universities is providing feedback on the applicability of the framework within academic appointment, promotion and appraisal systems. A number of these universities are also piloting the framework or using it to guide a redesign of their reward/appraisal systems. Their experience will be used to refine the framework’s design and to develop guidance for other universities wishing to adopt it.
Ruth Graham has been an independent consultant in engineering education and entrepreneurship since 2008, working with engineering industry, universities and professional bodies from across the world.  A Mechanical Engineer by training, she specialised in aeronautical fatigue, working with BAE SYSTEMS for a number of years. In 2002 she moved to Imperial College London and later became Director of the EnVision project, which sought to transform the undergraduate education across all nine departments in the Faculty of Engineering and improve its culture of support and reward for teaching excellence. Ruth’s work as a consultant is focused on fostering change in higher education across the world; helping to improve engineering teaching and learning worldwide and supporting the emergence of technology-driven entrepreneurship within universities. Further details can be found on Ruth’s website:

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