Mikael Enelund och Mats Nordlund

Title: Benefits to Industry and Academia from Industrial Membership in Educational Program Advisory boards.

Chalmers’ Mechanical Engineering program’s advisory board is critical to the quality, strategic development, and implementation of the education. The program has developed its advisory board to play a central role in its successes – and external evaluations have confirmed that the advisory board is central to the program.
The board comprises members from faculty (8), administration (3), students (4), and industry (6).  The members serve up to a three-year period and are carefully chosen to create a diverse working group representing different experience levels, a variety of academic disciplines, and several different industrial areas.  Important to note is that all advisory board members are expected to play an active role in developing the program’s quality and content.
This keynote will discuss how to maximize the benefit from the advisory board with a special focus on the industry members. We will address key questions including
  • Who should be chosen as industry member?
  • What are the benefits to the industry members and their companies from participating?
  • What are industry members expected to contribute to the program?
  • How to get industry active in the board?
Each question will be answered with guidelines and illustrated with examples.
Mikael Enelund is head of the Mechanical Engineering Program (including MScEng – Civilingenjör), and a professor of Structural Dynamics in the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences at Chalmers. Prof. Enelund has a strong background in teaching and developing engineering education. Under Mikael’s leadership the Mechanical Engineering program at Chalmers has received several awards and distinctions, such as Centre of Excellence of Higher Education by the National Swedish Agency for Higher Education (2008), Best Engineering Education by Teknikföretagen (2012), and the highest distinction in the national quality assurance conducted by The Swedish Higher Education Authority (2013). Mikael received the Chalmers’ pedagogical award 1999 and 2010 and has six times been awarded “Best Teacher of the Year” by the Mechanical Engineering students.
Mats Nordlund has a background from executive positions in academia and industry in Europe, USA, and Russia. He spent 15 years in industry, first as director of corporate technology strategy and acquisition at Saab AB, a major aerospace company, and later as Director of Research and Development for Emerson Process Management – Level and Marine. In his academic career, Dr. Nordlund recently served three years as Vice President of Research Programs at Skoltech, a new university being established in Moscow in partnership with MIT. In the 1990s, he launched and managed the System Design and Management (SDM) program at MIT. Dr. Nordlund has also served on several national and international (EU) panels in innovation and research and as an industry member on Chalmers’ Mechanical Engineering Program’s Advisory board.

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Sep 2017.