Industrial Tour to Volvo Cars

The industry visit is planned for the 18th of May.

This tour is arranged exclusively for CIRP CATS 2016 attendees and is included in the conference fee. Since the number of participants in each activity is limited, you need to choose one of the tour tracks when you register for the conference.

Tour track 1: Volvo Cars Demo Centre

Visit the exciting demo track. Test drive the latest Volvo models on a purpose-built track. Choose between more than 20 Volvo models with varying engines and specifications, always the latest available on the market. Driver license is mandatory.
Maximum number of participants: 22

Tour track 2: Brand Experience Centre

Experience what makes each Volvo truly a Volvo. This track will take you on a guided tour around in the Volvo Brand Experience Centre focusing on exhibitions on design, safety, environment and connected cars.

Tour track 3: Volvo Museum

At Volvo Museum you can take a trip through Volvo’s history and heritage, all the way from the start in 1927. The collection encompasses a wide range of passenger cars, buses and heavy trucks as well as marine engines and construction equipment.

But you don’t have to be a petrolhead (or a dieselhead for that matter) to appreciate Volvo Museum. There’s lots for everybody to experience – whether you want to learn about a unique piece of Swedish 20th century history or just want to be nostalgic about the good old times.

Page manager Published: Mon 15 Feb 2016.