Exhibition area at the Scandic Rubinen event floor.


Make the most of the occasion by visiting our industrial exhibition. We will gather some of the most influential actors in the Gothenburg region when it comes to geometry assurance, measuring and smart industry.

Industry Path Solutions

RD&T Technology
is a software company specialized on developing simulation software within the area of Geometry Assurance.

is a geometry assurance specialist company with technology and competence as a driving force.

COPE Sweden optimizes commonality and product variety simultaneously by reusing product DNA.

ATS - Advanced Technical Solutions is providing laser based measurement solutions.

Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics offers contract research, software and services for a broad range of industrial applications.

IPS - Industrial path solutions is a math based software tool for automatic verification of assembly feasibility, design of flexible components, motion planning and optimization of multi-robot stations, and simulation of key surface treatment processes.

Chalmers Smart Industry Lab is a laboratory and demonstration facility for the next generation of production systems.

Prodtex main focus is to streamline processes and procedures for clients by offering consulting services and software solutions.

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