Covid-19 Recommendations

In the interest of safety for one’s and others health, we ask all participants to follow all current recommendations in place in Sweden to combat the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases, including washing hands, staying at home if you feel unwell, etc. More information on those guidelines can be found here
Measures taken by the conference organisers include the recommendation that attendees aim to spread out when sat in the conference room attending talks, and make sure to take advantage of the well-spaced coffee break tables and posters, with the aim of avoiding crowding. 
We welcome people to wear masks if they feel that crowding or closeness cannot be avoided to a satisfactory level. Masks will be provided at the venue for those who do not have their own and wish to wear them. We would also suggest participants to engage in self-testing if they develop the symptoms of Covid-19, and to alert the conference organizers if they test positive so that other conference attendees can be made aware. Antigen tests can be found at any Apoteket throughout Göteborg.

Page manager Published: Tue 13 Sep 2022.