​The conference will start at 10 am on the 23rd of August, and finish on the 24th of August at 3 pm.

There will be a pre-conference tutorial introducing NMR and MS-based metabolomics, and metabolomics data analysis at 9 am on the 23rd of August.  This is aimed at people new to the area and does not require any special extra registration.

Preliminary programme:

​Time ​Title ​Speaker
             23 August 2017
​9.00 Tutorials: MS, NMR and data analysis​ Dr Carl Brunius, Chalmers​
​10.00 Conference opening​ Prof. Rikard Landberg​, Chalmers
​10.15 Phenome centres in the UK Prof. Elaine Holmes, Imperial College​ London
​11.00 Molecular phenotyping in a post-genomics world?​ Dr Craig Wheelock, Karolinksa Institutet​
​11.25 Metabolomics analysis in prostate cancer: linking epidemiological, mechanistic and clinical studies​
​Dr Ali Moazzami, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
​11.50 Software workflows for metabolomics - from non-target screening to validation Peter Abrahamsson, ​Agilent
​12.15 Lunch and posters​
​13.45 Automation for high-throughput metabolomics and mixing samples​ for accuracy and precision Dr Anders Pedersen and Dr Daniel Malmodin, Swedish NMR Centre​
​14.10 Methods for multivariate comparisons and biomarkers in metabolomics
​Prof. Henrik Anntti, Umeå University
​14.35 Metabolomics to detect and study non-alcoholic fatty liver disease​ Prof. Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Örebro University​
​15.00 Tea/coffee break and ​posters
​16.00 Metabolomic profiling by NMR and fingerprinting of diseases​ ​Prof. Claudio Luchinat, University of Florence
​16.45 NMR-based screener concepts using metabolomics Dr Manfred Spraul, Bruker
​17.10 Metabolomics in biobank research​ Dr Åsa Torinsson Naluai, University of Gothenburg
​17.35 Round-table discussion on metabolomics and health​ All participants​
​18.15 ​Transport to Universeum
​19.00 ​Dinner at Universeum
​               24 August 2017
​9.00 Metabolomics applications in precision medicine and wellness ​Prof. David Wishart, Universit of Alberta
9.45​ In search for metabolomic markers ​Prof. Göran Karlsson
​10.10 ​Tea/coffee break and posters
​Metabolic aberrations in diabetes: cause or consequence
Dr Tove Fall, Uppsala University​
​11.05 ​Detecting diet with metabolomics ​Dr Alastair Ross and Dr Otto Savolainen, Chalmer
​Precision metabolomics for life science research and precision medicine
Dr Martin Hornshaw, ​Metabolon
​Lunch and posters
​13.30 ​Metabolomics and type 2 diabetes Dr Peter Spégel, Lund University​
​Capturing acute metabolic responses of a single meal
Prof. Anna Winkvist, University of Gothenburg​
​14.20 ​Metabolomics to dissect the role of diet in type 2 diabetes Prof. Rikard Landberg and Dr Carl Brunius, Chalmers​
​14.45 ​Closing remarks ​Conference organisers


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