Invited speakers

Veronica Augustyn
North Carolina State University, USA
Focus on how pseudocapacitive materials store charge via intercalation reactions and the mechanisms by which these materials degrade during long term operation.

François Béguin
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Research activities are devoted to carbon materials with controlled porosity and surface functionality for applications in electrochemical energy conversion/storage and environment protection.

Isak Engquist
Linköping University, Sweden
Research interest in printed organic electronic devices and circuits, including supercapacitors, transistors, displays, light-emitting electrochemical cells.

Krzsztof Fic
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Research activities focus mainly on phenomena occurring at the electrode/electrolyte interface. i.e. electrochemical activity of selected redox couples and their application as a source of pseudocapacitance of carbon-based supercapacitors.

Jean Le Bideau
University of Nantes, CNRS, France
Focus on the development of ionogels for energy storage (including all- solid on-chip microsupercapacitors) and analysis of gel electrolyte confinement on dynamics, phase transitions, and charge transport properties.

Leif Nyholm
Uppsala University, Sweden
Research interest in sustainable paper-based energy storage devices (such as cellulose-based supercapacitors) with high capacitance and flexibility.​

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