Welcome to SENSE II

The workshop is POSTPONED due to the Coronavirus​.​​

SENS II is a follow up to the successful first workshop in Bordeaux 2016. It brings together Swdish and French communities in energy technology and neutron scattering. 
The development of a sustainable society requires advanced energy technology and related innovation, for which many concepts are concerned: separating (e.g. gas mixture), extracting (gas hydrate, asphaltens, oils…), vectoring (storing gas such as hydrogen), producing (oxygen/proton conduction, fuel cells…), converting (photovoltaic, thermoelectricity…) and storing (batteries, supercapacitors…).

The understanding of physical and chemical processes in these various concepts constitutes a key point to optimize current technologies and to create future energy devices. Neutron scattering addresses several energy questions due to its sensitivity to light elements or to its high penetration level into materials, for instances.

At SENS II we aim to highlight key research activities in the investigation of energy relevant systems using neutron scattering as well as the exploration of complementary methods. We will also discuss recent advancement in neutron instrumentation and possibilities for French-Swedish collaboration towards the European Spallation Source. The workshop is free of charge (including accommodation and meals). 

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