Poster Exhibition

The winners of the Poster award

Winner poster is poster 13, and the two second prize winners are poster 37 and 95. Congratulations to all!

Everyone at Chalmers departments of Biology and Biological Engineering and Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well at the Chemistry and Molecular Biology department at Gothenburg University are invited to participate in the annual Science & Technology Day Poster Exhibition, which will be followed by the Spring Party where best posters awards will take place!
PhD students and postdocs who present a poster will be eligible for the poster prize. As last year, the best poster will be awarded with a 15,000 SEK contribution to participate in a scientific conference of interest. Two second prize winners will receive 5,000 SEK. Deadline for application to the Poster Exhibition is March 9.
A selection panel made up of researchers and graphic designers will carefully consider all the posters before announcing the winners. The posters will be judged based on several important criteria, listed below.

How to submit your abstracts:

  • Abstracts must be maximum 1 A4 page long including pictures, written in English. No deviations from the abstract template are allowed. Please notice, your abstracts will be considered only when written using provided Word template & saved in Word format.
  • The abstracts should be submitted via email to the organizing committee by
    March 9; use e-mail header Abstract for Science & Technology Day 2018.
  • Name the attached abstract Microsoft Word file by: category_Last name of first author.docx.
    For example: nanoscience_Johansson.docx
  • Please include in your e-mail one of the following categories that your abstract best fits into:


  1. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  2. Materials
  3. Chemical Systems: Modeling and Synthesis 
  4. Energy and Environment
  5. Process and Production
  6. Biotechnology & Systems Biology
  7. Molecular Biology
  8. Health, Nutrition and Food Science
As last year, the poster abstracts will be provided only as an electronic pdf version, and not printed as a book.
The format of the poster boards are: height 119 cm, width 89 cm (portrait format).
We have in-house poster printer service. You will be contacted by Martina Butorac who will tell you the extra printer hours in the weeks before the poster exhibition. Please note: Chalmers has rules regarding poster formats.  Please click here for more information and the Chalmers template.
The posters can be put up already on April 18, must be up at the latest by noon on the Science & Technology day (April 19), and should be removed on April 20.
For further information, please send an email to
Criteria for poster award
Intelligibility: Is the content clear even for a researcher even if they have a different background? Is it possible to understand the context?
Content: Does the poster present new, exciting, and/or important results?
Design: Is the content clearly presented? Are the graphs and figures relevant and illustrative? Do you like its appearance/is it esthetically pleasing?

Did you miss the Poster mini-course? Take a look at the presentation!



Best regards from the organizing committee: Lilian de Martín, Aleksej Zelezniak, and Carl-Johan Wallentin.
We look forward to receiving your abstracts by March 9.

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