​The meeting will take place at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden (Campus Johanneberg).
We will be in the EDIT building, visiting address Hörsalsvägen 11. The building is towards the South of the campus. The most
convenient entrance is located next to the hexagonal-shaped copper building seen from the
'Gibraltarvallen' parking. The entrance and the meeting room are marked on the map of the campus below.

On Tuesday - Wednesday 30-31 May and Friday 2 June we will be in the EDIT room (room 3364) on floor 3, near the Cafe in the central part
of the building shaped as a convex lens, called Linsen (=the lens). There will be arrows indicating the way.

On Thursday 1 June we will be at Onsala Space Observatory. Transportation will be arranged.

Map with indications of the entrance and meeting room:

Follow the link for interactive maps of Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Fri 12 May 2017.