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Conference Program

KUL2021 will be held Friday January 8, 2021 Online

In the Conference program you will find zoom links to the different sessions. Each session has its own zoom meeting room. At the end of a session you have to leave the zoom meeting room and choose a new Zoom Room in the Conference program. There will be a waiting room during sessions with workshop, round table discussion or special about distance learning. The number of seats is limited and the moderator/host will let you in if there are seats left. 

The zoom meeting room, called Lobby, will be available during all day. During a break, you can join a breakout room in the lobby to meet and discuss with colleagues. The breakout rooms have different topics such as:  a) Meet the Blended Learning Team, b) Reflect on today´s presentations, c) Forms for online examination, d) Tools during distance learning, e) How do we create interactivity among the students?, f) Culture in the student groups, g) Meet a colleague and choose your own topic.

Schedule for the day


Lobby is open

​Welcome to KUL2021, Vice President Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson
Kyenote Speech:  (Re)designing assessment in higher education – building confidence in new practice
Keynote speaker: Dr Mary Richardson , UCL Institute of Education, London

Coffee Online
​10.20-11.20 ​Parallel sessions Online​
​11.30-12.00 ​Parallel sessions Online​

Lunch Online
​13.00-14.00 ​Parallel sessions Online​


​Coffee Online
​14.20-15.20 ​Parallel session Online​



​15.40-16.40 Paralel sessions


Closure, Vice President Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson ​Online

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