Conference committee and contact

Programme Committee for KUL2021

Peter Forkman, Vice head of department, Space, Earth and Environment, (SEE)
Ola Hultkrantz, Head of programme, Technology Management and Economics, (TME)
Magnus Gustafsson, Associate professor, Language and Communication (CLS)
Tom Adawi, Professor at Engineering Education Research (CLS)
Per Lundgren, Pedagogical developer (pedul), Microtechnology and Nanoscience, (MC2)
Lena Peterson, Senior lecturer, Computer Engineering (CSE)
Gunnel Olsson, Coordinator for Chalmers learning center, (OSS)
Vice chair Utbildningsenheten, Chalmers Student union
Representive for ​Chalmers PhD Student Association

Scientific committee -  KUL2021
Magnus Gustafsson, Chair

Per Lundgren (MC2), Sheila Galt (CLS), Jonathan Weidow (F), Dan Paulin (TME) - Review group coordinators
12-16 Reviewers, including 4 students​

Project Leader for the conference:
Gunnel Olsson
031-772 63 44

Chair, Scientific committee:
Magnus Gustafsson

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