Symposium Context and Aim

Through astrochemistry, effects on atomic scales are directly linked to the formation and evolution of planets, stars, interstellar clouds, and galaxies across the universe.
The scientific purpose of this symposium is to highlight the fundamental connection between the theory of microscopic processes studied on Earth and the understanding of phenomena in a wide range of space environments. In tandem with observations of increasing detail and sensitivity, enabled by technological development, this interplay has been key in advancing the field during the last 30 years, and will become even more important as we move forward into the era of exciting new facilities such as JWST, the Origins Space Telescope, and the SKA. 

The symposium is organised in honour of Prof. John H. Black, who throughout his career has demonstrated an outstanding ability to grasp, apply, and explain these connections - always maintaining a cosmic perspective regardless of scales or wavelengths. ​

Page manager Published: Mon 17 Sep 2018.