Abstract submission

​You submit an abstract by sending an e-mail to JHBlackSymp2019@chalmers.se before 3 April 2019 with the Subject: Abstract Submission. In the e-mail, you should attach the LaTex-generated pdf of your abstract and a zipped folder with all the files necessary to generate the pdf document.

You have to use the LaTex template provided below to generate the abstract. Follow the instructions in the template and make sure your resulting pdf does not exceed the one-page limit. 
Abstract template: AbstractTemplate_JBSymposium_2019.tex​

The abstract files should be named as 'lastname_firstname_JHB2019_abstract.XX', so the lastname_firstname_JHB2019_abstract.zip folder should contain the following files:

- lastname_firstname_JHB2019_abstract.tex
- lastname_firstname_JHB2019_abstract.pdf
- lastname_firstname_JHB2019_image1.eps (your picture)
- lastname_firstname_JHB2019_image2.eps (a complementary image to your abstract. This image is optional.)

In addition, your e-mail text should include the following information:
- Participant name:
- Institution:
- E-mail:
- Contribution type:
- PDF file name:
- zip file name:

If you have any questions, please contact JHBlackSymp2019@chalmers.se

Abstract deadline: Wednesday 3 April, 2019

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