From stars to Galaxies 2

From Stars to Galaxies II

​Connecting our understanding of star and galaxy formation
Mon. 20th - Fri. 24th June 2022
Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

This conference aims to bring together researchers in the star and galaxy formation fields to hear about latest results and to explore and develop new science connections.

Scientific scope:​

- A. Molecular Clouds and Initial Conditions for Star Formation
- B. Star and Massive Star Formation
- C. Star Cluster Formation and the Initial Mass Function
- D. Feedback and Global Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
- E. Star Formation Laws

- F. Extreme Environments - Starbursts, Galactic Centers and AGB
- G. Extreme Environments - Dwarf Galaxies and Low Metallicity Conditions
- H. Lessons from Stellar Populations
- I. Cosmic Evolution of Star, Supermassive Black Hole & Galaxy Formation
- J. The First Stars, Galaxies and Quasars

Meeting schedule:​

Sunday 19th June 2022, 5pm-8pm Welcome reception
Monday 20th - Fri. 24th June 2022, 4.5 days of science sessions + 0.5 day excursion (Tue. pm)
Friday 24th June ~5pm - end of science sessions, followed by midsummer celebration

Science program:

Confirmed Invited Speakers, including:

Angela Adamo
Henrik Beuther
Thomas Bisbas
Bruce Draine
Davide Elia
Richard Ellis
Neal Evans
Xiaohui Fan
Andrea Ferrara
Anna Frebel
Abigail Frost
Reinhard Genzel
Peter Hoeflich
Philip Hopkins
Mark Krumholz
Eva Schinnerer
Nick Scoville
Linda Tacconi
Steffi Walch
Christine Wilson
John Wise
Nick Wright
Naoki Yoshida


Jonathan C. Tan (Chalmers/UVA); Susanne Aalto (Chalmers); B-G Andersson (USRA/SOFIA); Blakesley Burkhart (Rutgers); Giuliana Cosentino (Chalmers); Rubén Fedriani (Chalmers); Andrea Ferrara (Pisa); Nitya Kallivayalil (UVA); Adam Leroy (OSU); Michael Merrifield (Nottingham); Serena Viti (Leiden/UCL); Fabian Walter (MPIA); Naoki Yoshida (IPMU)


Jonathan Tan, Joseph Armstrong, Giuliana Cosentino, Rubén Fedriani, Prasanta Gorai, Chia-Jung Hsu, Paul Law. LOC Contact: Jonathan Tan ( jonathan.tan   @ )

Abstract Submission & Logistics:

  • Deadline - Friday 18th February 2022 (end of day, your local time)
  • Decisions on abstracts will be announced by end of March.
  • Note, all attendees at the conference are expected to give a science presentation.
  • Note, it is possible that we will receive more submissions than can be accepted, given the size of the venue. Indeed, from past experience we anticipate a high over subscription rate, both for contributed talk requests and for attendance in general, i.e., with talk or poster.
  • Registration and logistics information, including hotel room blocks, for attendees will be sent out by mid April.

Abstract submission is n​ow closed.

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