​Welcome to register for the ESoA course!

Information about course fee:
Non-profit institution: 4 400 SEK (​Estimated 440€)
Profit institution: 11 000 SEK (Estimated 1100€)

Invoice for the course will be sent to the provided billing address.

Travel grant rules for the ESoA course: a few grants covering course registration fees will be granted to students from non-profit institutions. Students who wish to apply for the grant should send, not later than 20th September 2017, to Prof. Marianna Ivashina (
- a motivation letter
- curriculum vitae
- a reference letter (optional)

Due to the big amount of junk mail, please, enable the “return receipt” option in your mail program to be sure that the mail has been received. Not later than 18th September 2017 you will receive an acceptance/non-acceptance mail, where it will be specified whether your grant request has been approved/refused. To confirm that you accept the grant, you have to immediately reply to the acceptance mail and complete the registration.

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