Agreement signing between Chalmers and Volvo

Strategic partnerships

​​Chalmers University of Technology has a number of partnerships with strategically selected organisations and industries. The partnerships are long-term and large-scale investments, often running over many years, involving Chalmers as a whole. This enables Chalmers and the external partners to understand each other’s operations, and the conditions needed for them to contribute to growth and competitiveness.


One of the things that separates the strategic partnerships from other types of collaborations is the link between management-level collaborations and concrete projects. This allows sharing of overall knowledge and needs, laying the groundwork for Chalmers and company managements to form common agendas.


The companies’ insights in their own field of industry provide important input when Chalmers plans future education programmes; in this way, long-term skills provision is ensured. At the same time, Chalmers students can feel confident to get relevant jobs after graduation; their skills are clearly in demand.


As for research, the parties invest in joint research projects; projects that require cutting-edge expertise and also need to take advantage of the disciplinary breadth offered by Chalmers. These joint initiatives enable staff members at Chalmers and the partner companies to work together for a longer or shorter period of time. This way, knowledge and skills transfers between partners can take place in an easy and direct manner.


Every year, a joint activity plan is formed with each strategic partner. This is part of a systematic work process that stimulates development and enables follow-up.


Chalmers Areas of Advance are based on excellent scientific depth, but work in breadth across Chalmers’ disciplines. The Areas of Advance host the strategic partnerships. This means, among other things, that the Areas of Advance coordinate the work to ensure breadth and commitment from all over Chalmers. For each partner there is a designated partnership manager, as well as contact persons for research and education.


For Chalmers, well-functioning collaborations with society and business have a long-standing history. Collaboration is a key to long-term high quality and enables Chalmers to contribute to the development of society and the business community. The collaborations also create good conditions for attracting international expertise to Sweden.


Our partnerships

Chalmers has the following strategic partners as of today. Read more about the ongoing work by clicking the names below. More presentations will be added in the near future.

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