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Chalmers Innovation Office

Chalmers Innovation Office supports researchers and students in the innovation process, the transfer of research results into impact for society. The office can also help those from outside the university who want to spread innovations by connecting them with Chalmers researchers.

Sweden has a number of innovation offices working within the university system at the request of the Swedish government. These offices gather knowledge and research results from researchers and students at an early stage. Through close dialogue with relevant parties, the knowledge generated is then repackaged in order to ensure it can be utilised in society. Employed researchers and lecturers at Chalmers own their research findings (known as professor´s privilege), unless otherwise agreed.​

Chalmers’ Innovation Office is the hub for innovation advisors at higher education institutions in western Sweden. The collaboration includes the universities in Borås, Jönköping, Halmstad, Skövde and University West. Together, the universities develop the innovation work and create a regional network, with the goal of building a better society.

In innovation processes, collaboration is an important piece of the puzzle. By interacting with companies, organisations and authorities, research results can be disseminated and utilised more quickly. The advisors at Chalmers Innovation Office contribute to this by formulating projects, facilitating meetings and establishing working methods. They are also able to support in the development of cooperation agreements. Collaboration can take place in large projects, with many parties involved, or in a smaller format with only two participants. The Innovation Office has broad expertise to support all the way. Together with other actors, the office also sets up meeting arenas where questions, challenges and ideas from society or industry can be matched with the appropriate research group’s fields of expertise.

There are many ways for research results to be utilised. Research may be the basis of new products or services and for new companies, but utilisation can also be about providing a basis for a shift in policy, for example through new legislation or new industry standards. Chalmers Innovation Office has specialised competence to support with patent issues, licensing and commercialisation, as well as other advice and support. Each step is taken in dialogue with the student or researcher and is based on their needs and the nature of the research results.

Chalmers Innovation Office has a widespread network, both inside and outside academia. The office is a unit within Chalmers and is part of what is usually referred to as the Chalmers innovation ecosystem, together with Chalmers Ventures and Chalmers Industriteknik and others. The innovation office is also active in the collaboration platform Entrepreneurship by Chalmers and works with the three science parks; Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park.

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