​Collaboration in education and with students

For Chalmers it is important to collaborate with the business sector and society in various areas. In undergraduate (first-cycle) education we want to give our students the best possible conditions with which to assimilate the teaching and prepare for future professional work. Through a connection with working life, where theory is linked to practical applications, we gain a connection to reality and professional relevance in our courses. There are several different ways in which external parties can get involved in our education. For example, visiting lecturers, programme advisory teams, degree projects and events.

 Facilitate the transition from studies to working life
We envisage that you represent a large or small operation and would like to foster a long-term collaboration and relationship with Chalmers. Collaboration within education and with our students can take place in various ways. Within programmes and courses there are several possibilities. For example:
  • visiting lecturers
  • demonstrate career paths,
  • study visits,
  • projects/project courses,
  • exercises/cases,
  • Bachelor’s theses/degree projects/degree project evenings,
  • Supervisors,
  • laboratory sessions,
  • exercise coordinators/leaders,
  • seminars/workshops,
  • alumni gatherings,
  • events and activities, such as lunchtime seminars. 

Other examples of possible collaboration:

  • Programme advisory teams. Influence the content and structure of the programmes by being a member of a programme advisory team. 
  • Mentoring. Why not facilitate the transition from academia to working life by being a mentor for our students? 
  • Tracks. Tracks is a new concept within Chalmers' educational offering. Chalmers students and alumni are offered elective, flexible and interdisciplinary courses within different current thematic areas. In addition, a learning environment is developed giving students access to premises, tools and workshops where they can meet across programme boundaries and learn from each other using the latest technology. 

 Propose degree projects

In their final semester all students do a degree project. On the BSc in engineering and marine/nautical programmes as well as at Bachelor level, the project comprises 15 higher education credits. On the Master’s programmes it comprises 30 higher education credits (30 = one semester full time). The degree project gives students an important opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real problem and it acts as a springboard into working life. We have many international students on our Master’s programmes, and many of them would like to do their degree projects outside of the academic environment. Two students usually work on the same degree project, apart from at Bachelor’s level, where more work together. As support in their degree projects, the students have a supervisor from the relevant department at Chalmers, as well as a supervisor from the external party. 

Advertise degree projects 

Degree projects can be advertised to students in the Chalmers advertising portal. To create an advertisement for a degree project, you fill in and posts a digital form. We then review and publish the ad as soon as we can. A degree project must first be approved by the head of the programme and the selected examiner at Chalmers before the student can start it. The advertisement must therefore only be regarded as a proposal for a degree project. 

Create an advert in the degree project portal

Job advertisements

Advertisements for jobs requiring qualifications, summer jobs, extra/part-time jobs, trainee positions and internships are handled by Chalmers studentkår rekrytering (the Chalmers student union’s recruitment company). The cost of advertising varies depending on the number of adverts to be published and the length of time they are shown. 

To obtain a quotation, contact Chalmers studentkår rekrytering​ (external website, in Swedish). 

Arrange events and other activities for students

If you want to organise activities on campus or reach students, the student union (external website) is one route. This is where points of contact between students and employers are created, for example the labour market day CHARM, industry-specific activities such as mentoring programmes, lunchtime lectures and local labour market days.
Other activities can be arranged and job seekers can be recruited via, for example, the student union companies Chalmers studentkår promotion (external website, in Swedish) and Chalmers studentkår rekrytering​ (external website, in Swedish).

Overall contact for further information

Contact Åsa Valadi, samverkan@chalmers.se​ 

Page manager Published: Fri 18 Jun 2021.