Joining the best in the world in his field

 Mustafa Özen, who grew up in Ankara, Turkey started his studies at Chalmers in 2007 when he set off to get his Master’s Degree in Wireless Photonics and Space Engineering. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics at the University of Ankara and then did a lot of research into where he should pursue his Master’s Degree. Sweden
appealed to Mustafa with its high-quality education and well-organized society. The country’s position at the forefront in the area of telecommunications made the decision easy and Chalmers offered a good match for what he wanted to study.

Mustafa says he has known since a very young age that he wanted to go for a PhD and he refers to himself as a typical engineering student. “It feels good to work with something that’s creative, even if my friends don’t always understand what I do.” He seems to have found his true calling at Chalmers and wants to pursue a career in research.

From fall 2016 and two years forward, Mustafa’s new address will be in San Diego, more specifically at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He will be joining The High Speed Device Group, directed by Professor Peter Asbeck who was the opponent when Mustafa defended his thesis in 2014. The group explores the fabrication and application of
high speed transistors and circuits and, according to Mustafa, is “the best in the world in that field”. This research collaboration is made possible thanks to a grant from the Pro Suécia Foundation which has as its mission to strengthen the ties between Swedish universities and universities in California. Mustafa is very much looking forward to this opportunity and sees a great chance to build a strong network and collaboration that will benefit, not only himself, but Chalmers as a whole. After his two years at UCSD, he plans to come back and continue his research at Chalmers, hopefully with a lot of new ideas and inspiration up his sleeve. 
One of Mustafa’s greatest supporters is his girlfriend, who is currently pursuing her PhD at another Chalmers Department, S2. She will be finished in February and will try to join Mustafa in San Diego after that. They both see this as an amazing opportunity to gain valuable international experience before settling down, even though it means they may have to spend time apart. 

Text: Birgitta Rorsman

Page manager Published: Tue 29 Sep 2020.