Energy on Campus

​Energy on Campus at Chalmers is a platform for researching, demonstrating and educating in new, sustainable energy solutions that have still not come to market.

The basic idea behind Energy on Campus is to use existing and planned buildings and infrastructure at the Johanneberg Campus as an open arena, offering students, researchers and external partners the opportunity to collaborate on the deployment of potentially scalable models in a real-world urban setting. External partners in particular will benefit from Chalmers’ excellent scientific research base, coupled with the Johanneberg Campus’s exciting innovation culture. Established in 2014, Energy on Campus is a multidisciplinary initiative, hosted by the Energy Area of Advance.

Here are some of the projects included in Energy on Campus: 

How can a building stock be developed to satisfy future energy and climate requirements, without costing a fortune? The changeover to a sustainable society demands that existing building stocks also become energy efficient. To investigate how this can be done, Chalmers is using one of its two campuses as a big laboratory.

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Ensuring low air and noise pollution will grow in importance as the numbers of people who need to get from one place to the other in the expanding cities in-creases. With the new ElectriCity bus line as a live laboratory, Chalmers researchers are exploring a number of issues associated with sustainable cities of the future.

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The sun is an infinitely rich and renewable source of energy. Unfortunately a great deal of solar energy is wasted in today’s solar cells. Researchers at Chalmers, however, have an idea that may improve efficiency tremendously. They have already demonstrated that the principle works in the lab, now the research will move out on campus to continue under real conditions. 

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Invest in a sustainable future
Chalmers is a meeting place for people from far and wide and of all ages and backgrounds. Bringing people together with different perspectives, ideas and needs liberates the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship and the desire for a good life. To push the boundaries of possibility onwards and upwards, Chalmers also needs a strong financial foundation.

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Published: Thu 09 Aug 2018.