Stefan Bengtsson

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Chalmers is a pioneer for how a university can take societal responsibility and make tangible improvements for the good of humanity. By supporting Chalmers in our efforts, you can help make a difference in areas that matter, not only today, but also for the future. Your contribution helps us build on research from several generations to really make a difference.

The major challenges facing the world today are too complex to be tackled with traditional methods and thinking. It is no longer possible for individual actors to come up with solutions, the challenges require new ways of thinking and collaborating across traditional boundaries. It is my firm conviction that it is in the meeting of people with different perspectives, ideas and needs that forces for innovative thinking and entrepreneurship are released.

Chalmers welcomes the expanded role of universities and works to increase collaboration with other community actors. We provide researchers with opportunities and incentives to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries, to tackle research and community challenges, interact with industry and develop challenge-driven education.

Our past success inspires us to achieve even more in the future to help create better living conditions for people around the world. We see a growing interest in community entrepreneurship and a willingness to invest in knowledge building and education through donations and grants. With additional resources, the solutions to society's challenges are within reach. Together we invest in tomorrow’s society!

The next generation can do better, your support is important!

Stefan Bengtsson, President ​and CEO

Page manager Published: Mon 23 Mar 2020.