Alumni offers

Dear alumni!

Be part of Gothenburg's widest selection of exercise. Now you can take advantage of an offer from Fysiken with up to 20% off.

Fysiken is passionate about workout and will provide  you a wide range of training in welcoming settings. With simplicity in focus Fysiken provides group exercise, fitness, ball sports, water training, CrossFit, climbing and supplementary services such as personal training, physiotherapy, massage and occupational health.
Fysiken has five facilities in Gothenburg; three gyms, a climbing gym and a CrossFit box.
Fysiken is a non-profit corporation, which means that any surplus goes straight back into the business.
The company is owned by the Gothenburg Student Unions through Gothenburg Student Group, but is open to all.

To take advantage of this offer, simply send an e-mail to Peter Hellqvist at​. We need information about your education and graduation year, to get a certificate that you are an alumni of our University. Then, take the certificate to Fysiken when you buy their annual card.​

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Page manager Published: Tue 14 Aug 2018.