Visiting researchers in 2019

The mission of the GRP is to provide attractive meeting places where a significant number of international academic and corporate scientists participate. Several WACQT-GRP visits by prominent scientists have taken place during 2019, some extending into 2020:
Prof. David Weld​, UC Santa Barbara, USA is a physicist working on ultracold gases. He spent a sabbatical leave in Stockholm during the autumn semester 2018 and spring semester 2019 (host: Eva Lindroth, SU), with 6 months as a WACQT guest professor. During his time in Sweden Weld worked on the development of a new type of quantum simulator in which a driven Bose condensate of strontium emulates ultrafast ionization dynamics in attosecond laser pulses, counter-intuitively enabling the study of some of the fastest processes in atomic physics with some of the slowest. For this purpose, he visited the attosecond lab in Lund at several occasions. A related idea that was developed together with the Stockholm group was to use this simulator to probe exotic decay phenomena, and here a first manuscript is now being written.
Weld participated in a network meeting of the KAW project “Attosecond chronoscopy of electron wave-packets probing entanglement and time-ordering of quantum processes” (GU+LU+SU) in Göteborg 26 September 2018, and in Lund 25 March 2019, and gave a seminar at SU.
David Weld participated to a thesis committee at LTH on the 25th of January 2019 and gave a seminar at the Atomic Physics division on the 23rd of November 2018.

Dr. Joe Aumentado​, NIST, Boulder, USA visited Sweden, KTH for two weeks, 21 October - 1 November, 2019. Joe Aumentado is the group leader of the Advanced Microwave Photonics Group​ at NIST, Boulder CO, USA. Aumentado visited Albanova, KTH 21 -23 October and 28 October - 1 November and also visited Chalmers, 24-25 October. At KTH he gave a series of three pedagogical lectures on mode-coupling theory, including: directed graphs and scattering between coupled modes, using directed graphs to design multi-modal systems, and non-recriprocality in multi-modal systems. Graduate students got credits for attending the lectures. At Chalmers, Joe Aumentadeo gave a lecture on “Multi-mode Parametric Coupling & the Field-Programmable Josephson Amplifier”. Moreover, Joe gave a Quantum Research Seminar on 30 October at Nordita. A second vist of Dr. Aumentado is planned for May 2020.

Prof. Andreas Buchleitner, Freiburg im Br., Germany was planned for a 6 week visit to LU during the autumn of 2018. The visit was delayed and a first short vist was scheduled to take place during the spring of 2019. Unfortunately, this visit collided with a Lufthansa strike and had to be cancelled. The present plan is that professor Buchleitner will visit Lund for 2 weeks in March 2020

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