Visiting researchers in 2018

The mission of the Guest researcher program (GRP) is to provide attractive meeting places where a significant number of international academic and corporate scientists participate. A number of WACQT-GRP visits by prominent scientists have taken place during 2018, some extending into 2019:

Prof. Robert Hadfield, Glasgow University, UK is professor of Photonics working in Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering. Hadfield spent the month of August 2018 at KTH (host: Prof. Val Zwiller). He participated and gave a talk at the EI Nano community building event 20-22 August 2018, and also visited Chalmers for a day.

Prof. David Gershoni, Technion, Haifa, Israel is professor of Physics, with present focus on an ERC grant on “Deterministic Generation of Polarization Entangled Single Photon Cluster States”. Gershoni spent one month during September-October 2019 at KTH (host: Prof. Val Zwiller). Gershoni visited Chalmers on 1-2 October and gave a seminar.

Prof. David Weld, UC Santa Barbara, USA is a physicist working on ultracold gases. The Weld Lab at UCSB uses quantum degenerate gases of lithium and strontium to explore a wide variety of quantum mechanical phenomena, including quantum metrology. Since September 2018 David Weld is spending a sabbatical year in Stockholm (host: Eva Lindroth, SU), with 6 months as a WACQT guest professor. Weld participated in a network meeting of the KAW project “Attosecond chronoscopy of electron wave-packets probing entanglement and time-ordering of quantum processes” (GU+LU+SU) in Göteborg 26 September, gave a seminar on 17 October at SU and visited LU on 23 November, as well a 25 January 2019.

Dr. Arne Grimsmo​, University of Sydney, is a young physicist working on solid state qubit architectures for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Grimsmo has given an offer to work as a theoretical scientist and circuit engineer for WACQT, but could not accept at the present time. To initiate a collaboration, Grimsmo spent 4 weeks at Chalmers during November-December 2018.

In addition, there have been a number of short visits:

Prof. Steven Girvin, Yale, visited Chalmers during 27 May – 1 June 2018. Prof. Girvin participated and lectured at a WACQT workshop 28 May, participated in a Chalmers evaluation task 29-30 May, and visited MC2 groups on 31 May – 1 June.

Prof. John Clarke, UC Berkeley, USA, visited Chalmers during August 2018 with GRP support for 2 weeks. Prof. Clarke has an advisory role in the EI Nano initiative, and he participated at the community building event 20-22 August at Marstrand.

Prof. Anton Zeilinger, University of Vienna visited LU a couple of days in October invited by NanoLund, with some support from WACQT. We plan for a longer stay hosted by WACQT during 2019 with visits also to Stockholm and Göteborg.

Prof. Andreas Buchleitner, Freiburg im Br., Germany was planned for a 6 week visit to LU during the autumn of 2018. The visit has been delayed and will take place during the spring of 2019.

Page manager Published: Thu 06 Feb 2020.