WACQT Kick-off, 13-14 March 2018

Welcome to the WACQT kick off

Venue: Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience/MC2, Kemivägen 9.
Map of Campus Johanneberg

The participation is by invitation only.
Register by sending an email to susannah.carlsson@chalmers.se

13th March 2018

10.30 Registration and coffee @MC2 entrance and Canyon

11.00 @Kollektorn
Welcome, Per Delsing
Overview presentations.
  • WACQT - Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology, Per Delsing
  • Grad School, Göran Johansson
  • Guest Programme, Göran Wendin
  • QT Flagship, QSA, CSA, QuantERA, Göran Wendin
13.00 Lunch @Canyon

14.00 @Kollektorn
Research presentations
  • Quantum communication
    • Quantum Communication, Gunnar Björk
    • Some recent developments in Quantum Key Distribution, Xavier Guilherme
  • Quantum sensing
    • Quantum Sensing, Stefan Kröll
    • Mechanical Quantum Devices for Sensing, Witlef Wieczorek
  • Quantum computing and algorithms
    • Noise and loss from the dielectric environment of planar superconducting circuits, Jonathan Burnett
    • Does my quantum computer work and what can it do for me?, Göran Johansson
    • Theory of quantum computation with Continous-Variables, Giulia Ferrini

16.00 Coffee @MC2 entrance

16.30 @MC2 entrance
Posters, ad hoc topical workshops and mingling

18.30 Dinner @Canyon

14th March 2018

09.00 @Kollektorn
WACQT community building. Discussion of following questions in mixed groups
Main question: How to create a strong Quantum Technology Community in Sweden?
Obvious tools: Graduate School and Guest Researcher Program
  • What courses should the graduate school develop?
  • In addition to the students funded by WACQT we could also include other interested PhD students in the graduate school. What rules and selection criteria should we have in that case?
  • In what constellations should we arrange joint conferences, longer programs, summer schools, winter schools etc?
  • How do we best make use of the guest researcher program to strengthen our community?
  • What other activities should the graduate school offer? (Study trips, internships, etc.)
09.00 @h-bar
WACQT Board Meeting

10.30 Coffee @Canyon

11.00 @Kollektorn

WACQT community building. Discussion in mixed groups of the following questions:
  • What are the best ways to engage our industrial friends in Quantum Technology on a national level?
  • What is currently missing in WACQT? Any current strong QT effort in Sweden?
  • Any rising trends worldwide where we e.g. want to see recruitment of future Assistant Professors?
11.00 @h-bar
WACQT Board Meeting. 12.00-12.30 incl WACQT PIs


Lab tours

13.00 Lunch @Canyon

14.00 @Kollektorn
Industry session
QSA, QFlag
Use cases
Company presentations
Industry partnership offer

16.00 Coffee @Canyon

End of conference

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