Management group

WACQT is managed by a director together with a number of principal investigators (PIs), a senior advisor, a scientific coordinator and an administrative coordinator. 

Per Delsing is the director of WACQT and leads the experimental efforts in quantum computing and simulation together with Jonas Bylander. Per Delsing is professor of quantum device physics and head of the Quantum Technology Laboratory at Chalmers.​


Jonas Bylander​ leads the experimental efforts in quantum computing and simulation together with Per Delsing. Jo​nas Bylander is associate professor at the Quantum Technology Laboratory at Chalmers.

Giulia Ferrini​ leads the research activity on theoretical quantum information with continuous variables. She is also the coordinator of the network "WWACQT: Women in WACQT". Giulia Ferrini is associate professor at the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at Chalmers.

Katia Gallo​ coordinates research within quantum communication and quantum sensing. She is professor of applied physics and head of the Nonlinear and Quantum Photonics Group at KTH.

Simone Gasparinetti​ coordinates the research efforts on experimental quantum information processing with continuous variables, using superconducting circuits. Simone Gasparinetti is researcher at the Quantum Technology Laboratory at Chalmers.

Markus Hennrich​. Markus Hennrich coordinates research within quantum sensing and quantum computing within the excellence programme. He is associate professor and leader of the Trapped Ion Quantum Technologies group at Stockholm University.​

Göran Johansson leads the theory efforts in quantum computing and simulation. He is also director of studies of the Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technologies. Göran Johansson is professor and head of the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at Chalmers.​

Stefan Kröll coordinates the research efforts within quantum sensing and quantum communications. He is professor of atomic physics and leads the Quantum Information Group at Lund University.


Anne L'Huillier coordinates research within quantum sensing. She is professor of atomic physics and head of the Attosecond Physics group at Lund University.

Göran Wendin​ is senior advisor to the director and leads the guest researcher programme. He is professor at the Quantum Technology Laboratory at Chalmers.​


Johan Veiga Benesch is the scientific coordinator of WACQT. He is the central contact, and supports the researchers with reporting, planning, recruitments etc.

Linda Brånell​ is the administrative coordinator of WACQT and acts as the secretary of the Board and PIs,  helps new employees and guest researchers in the process of joining WACQT and have a variety of administrative tasks for the Laboratories of Quantum Technology and Applied Quantum Physics at Chalmers.


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