About us

Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT) is a 12 year SEK 1 billion research programme that aims to take Swedish research and industry to the forefront of quantum technology – a very rapidly expanding area of technology. 

Through an extensive research programme, we aim at developing and securing Swedish expertise within the main areas of quantum technology: quantum computing and simulation, quantum communications and quantum sensing. Our main project is to develop a high-end quantum computer that can solve problems far beyond the reach of the best conventional supercomputers.

WACQT is directed and coordinated from Chalmers University of Technology, however several Swedish universities are involved. The research areas quantum sensing and quantum communication are coordinated from Lund University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, respectively. WACQT also has several industrial partner companies, see Industrial collaboration​.

Vision and strategy

A rich flow of ideas in an open environment increases both the scientific quality and relevance as well as shortens the time to utilisation of results. 

Our vision is to build an open and interactive Swedish quantum technology community – an environment where people meet and where creativity and knowledge exchange is stimulated. Our main instruments to create this environment are:
  • A graduate school – Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technology – in which academic and industrial PhD students are offered common courses in quantum technology
  • A postdoc program in which excellent young researchers can both advance their own research skills as well as contribute to spreading their knowledge  
  • A guest researcher program, where experts, both from academia and industry, are invited for shorter or longer period to interact with WACQT researchers and students
  • Industrial partnerships for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between academia and industry and to secure a long-term knowledge base in quantum technology


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