​Here you find links to some useful web sites.

Please note that some information related to the observatory (e.g., about teaching and research) can be found on the Department of Earth and Space Sciences web site.

Also note that information about the observatory intended for the general public (including information about guided tours and other events) can mainly be found on Onsala Space Observatory's Swedish web site.

Miscellaneous links to local web servers:

Local weather at OSO

Superconducting gravimeter at OSO

Book library at OSO

ORMA - Onsala Radiometers for Microwave sensing of the Atmosphere (currently not available)

Social media

Onsala Space Observatory on Flickr

Onsala Space Observatory on Facebook

Onsala Space Observatory on Twitter


Published: Tue 20 Aug 2013. Modified: Fri 06 Mar 2015