Events: Rymd- och geovetenskap events at Chalmers University of TechnologyFri, 19 May 2017 14:31:35 +0200 Galaxies at Low Frequencies: Processes and Probes<p>Chalmers Johanneberg and Onsala Space Observatory</p><p>​​This workshop will be held in Sweden on May 29 - 2 June in Gothenburg at Chalmers University of Technology, and at Onsala Space Observatory, located about 40 km south of Gothenburg.</p>The aim of the workshop is to bring together members of the LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) Nearby Galaxies Working Groups (in the Magnetism and the Surveys Key Science Projects) and other scientists interested in low-frequency probes of physical processes in nearby galaxies. The topics will include: <br />1) Science: review of and work on ongoing LOFAR projects; probing the thermal and non-thermal gas in galaxies through low-frequency spectral energy distributions; diffusion and ageing of cosmic ray electrons; mapping star formation and evolution in nearby galaxies;  galactic structures (disks, jets, halos); galactic magnetic fields; polarization and depolarization at low frequencies;<br />2) Data: data processing, calibration, polarization.<br />3) Future work: pointed observations and exploitation of the LOFAR surveys, scientific collaborations, preparing for the SKA.<br />Invited speakers: Andrew Fletcher (Newcastle), George Heald (Perth), Volker Heesen (Hamburg), Ann Mao (Bonn), David Mulcahy (Manchester).<br />Registration is possible until 20 April, 2017.<br /><br />For more information and to register got to the <a href="/en/conference/LOFARGalaxies2017" title="Link to the conference webpage" target="_blank">conference webpage.</a><br />,-SRON.aspx,-SRON.aspxRens Waters, SRON<p>Seminar room, Onsala Space Observatory</p><p>​Titel: TBA</p>​<span style="background-color:initial">Abstract: TBA</span><p class="MsoNormal"></p>