Research projects - closed

Ana​lysis Tool for calculating the environmental impact and efficiency of transport systems
There is a great need to analyze the environmental impact and efficiency of goods transport systems. In this project, a tool will be developed to analyze different transport system scenarios. The goal is that this tool will be used to actually improve the environmental performance of transport systems.
Contact person: Dan Andersson

CUTS - Collaborative Urban Transport
Urban transport is rapidly becoming one of the major challenges of political leaders at city, regional and national level. Decision and planning processes in cities are extremely complex.
Team: Dan Andersson, Sönke Behrends

Energy Cost and time efficient In-Plant materials supply systems
Theories and models are developed to facilitate design of in-plant materials supply systems with high performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility, ergonomics and support to assembly operations.
Team: Robin Hansson, Lars Medbo, Mats Johansson, Sara Kilicaslan

Energy efficient transport
Team: Pehr-Ola Pahlén, Kenth Lumsden, Gunnar Stefansson

Food products, beverages and tobacco transport accounted for the largest share of European road tonne-kilometres in 2008, at over 15%. The food production relies heavily on road transport, leading to congestion, poor air quality and environmental degradation.
Team: Kristina Liljestrand, Kenth Lumsden

Global Operations Network
Identification of critical factors and process innovations shaping and evolving future operations networks - key concepts in the cross industry project “Global Operations Network”.
Team: Anna Fredriksson, Patrik Jonsson

Godsutvärderingsstudie VTTV - Value of Transport Time Variability
Ett samarbetsprojekt mellan Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet och WSP.
Contact person: Jonas Flodén

​Hållbara intermodala försörjningssystem för biobränsle och bulkflöden
Ett samarbetsprojekt mellan Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet, WSP, Mariterm och Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan.
Team: Jonas Flodén, Fawad Awais, Johan Woxenius

ICT Roadmap
Contact person: Kenth Lumsden

Innomerge - uptime Business Models, Frugal and Reverse Innovation for Emerging Markets
This project addresses the challenges related to selling trucks in emerging markets, where the local transport industry typically is entrepreneurial and innovative but also fragmented with a high expectation on short return on investment.
Contact person: Frida Lind

Integrated logistics development for sustainability and competitiveness
The “Integrated logistics development for sustainability and competitiveness” project aims at increasing the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability within the transport and logistics system.
Team: Kenth Lumsden, Kajsa Hulthén, Mats Johansson, Vendela Santén, Igor Insanic, Fredrik Börjesson, Martin Svanberg, Sara Rogersson

​International Logistics Centres
Undersöker strategier för att öka stora logistikcentras konkurrenskraft.
Team: Arne Jensen, Edith Sorkina

ITS goods transports
A plausible strategy for reducing the freight transport-based negative influence on the physical infrastructure is to develop a resource efficient way of handling of goods.
Team: Andreas Hagen, Kenth Lumsden

Load factor project
The aim of this project is to compile existing knowledge, to carry out awareness raising research and disseminate knowledge in order to increase the ability to exploit the potential for environmental improvements and cost savings for both society and industry by increasing load rate and keep down empty hauling in the freight transport system.
Team: Magnus Blinge, Sara Rogerson, Vendela Santén, Kristina Liljestrand, Dan Andersson, Mats Johansson 

LogiNord - Logistics in Nordic Fresh Food Supply Chains
Team: Dan Andersson, Linea Kjellsdotter, Mats Johansson, Patrik Jonsson

Logistics for life
Logistics for life brings together leading logistics companies, technology providers and research organizations working on innovative ICT solutions to ensure long-term sustainability of the logistics industry by increasing its operational efficience.
Team: Gunnar Stefansson, Andreas Hagen

Syftet med detta projekt är att öka den europeiska sjöfartssektorns image och attraktivitet som karriärväg.
Contact person: Arne Jensen

Samarbetsprojekt med tre andra nordiska högskolor (Tampere Universitet, Transportøkonomisk institutt i Oslo samt Danmarks Tekniske Universitet). Syftet är att undersöka energieffektivitetsförändringar i de nordiska ländernas lastbilsflottor över tid.
Contact person: Niklas Arvidsson

Ett nätverksprojekt med Insero E-mobiity samt en rad aktörer och forskarinstitutioner från norden.
Contact person: Niklas Arvidsson

Planning for sustainable logistics operations in city areas
The aim of this research project is to explore how freight movements can be made more sustainable in urban areas, including new development areas.
Team: Catrin Lammgård, Johan Hagberg

Purchasing of transport services
Chalmers University of Technology, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and University of Gothenburg are developing a transport research database based on a survey what will be sent out every second year.
Team: Christina Wolf, Erik Fridell, Linda Styrhe, Dan Andersson, Anna Dubois, Kajsa Hulthén, Arni Halldorsson, Mats Johansson, Benedikte Borgström, Catrin Lammgård, Henrik Agndal 

Short Sea Shuttle Concept
The main idea behind Short Sea Shuttles is in scheduled and reliable container service between one main port, The Port of Gothenburg, and a number of smaller–satellite ports on a daily basis. And, from a satellite port to transport containers further to a dry port, if there is a need for further transport.
Team: Violeta Roso, Kenth Lumsden, Rickard Bergqvist, Johan Woxenius

​Slow-steaming logistics
Projektet har som syfte att studera och ta fram metoder för att sjöfarten ska kunna drivas med förhållandevisa låga och bränslesnåla farter utan att påverka transportköparna.
Contact person: Johan Woxenius

Sustainability and cost efficiency in supply chains
How lean production philosophy can be combined with demands on sustainability considerations.
Team: Christian Finnsgård, Sara Kilicaslan, Carl Wänström, Mats Johansson

Sustainable Urban Transport - SUT
Sustainable city development and transports are addressed through new concepts for city distribution for goods and passengers.
Contact person: Dan Andersson

TEMPO - Transport Efficiency Measurement system for Practice/Operations
This project aims at identifying and validating a set of KPI:s for measuring transport efficiency in a goods transportation system. The hypothesis is that three separate variables can be combined into a set of operational tools where a transportation company can measure transport efficiency.
Team: Per-Olof Arnäs, Johan Woxenius, Helena Forslund, Joakim Kalantari​

​The development of retail structures - a comparison between England and Sweden
Team: Mike Browne, Ove Krafft

Published: Tue 26 Nov 2013. Modified: Thu 11 Feb 2016