Elsebeth Schröder

Microtechnology and Nanoscience, MC2
Quantum Device Physics laboratory
​Email: schroder@chalmers.se
Phone: +46 31 772 8424
Office: Mc2 building, room C525
Research focus:
Development and application of atomic-scale theory, with main focus on density functional theory (DFT) for soft and sparse matter and physisorption, for example on graphene.
Theoretical methods:
Density functional theory and related methods, as well as related physics theory. Use of and further development of our world-wide-used vdW-DF method.

Focus of future research:
Further development work on the vdW-DF method for general-purpose organic and inorganic material, and related work.
Adsorption of molecules on graphene and other 2D materials for pollution control with filters and sensors
Highlights of previous research:
One of the senior architects of the vdW-DF method (this one paper has 2500 citations in WoS as of Febr. 2018)
M. Dion, H. Rydberg, E. Schröder, D.C. Langreth, and B.I. Lundqvist
Van der Waals Density Functional for General Geometries
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 246401

Publication-quality research collaborations involving young (bachelor, high-school level) students, exemplified and described in
J. Ericsson, T. Husmark, C. Mathiesen, B. Sepahvand, Ø. Borck, L. Gunnarsson, P. Lydmark, and E. Schröder,
Involving high school students in computational physics university research: Theory calculations of toluene adsorbed on graphene,
PLoS ONE 11, e0159168 (2016)

Published: Wed 28 Feb 2018.