Atomically thin 2D Materials: Advances and challenges

Atomically thin 2D Materials: Advances and challenges


Provide an overview of the 2D material research in particular covering the research expertise of at Chalmers. 
The course will cover the five focus areas of the Graphene Centre at Chalmers including fundamentals electronics, multi-functional composites, energy and bio-applications.


The course will take place in the third study period (January - March 2020) and will consist of 15 lectures.
To obtain 7,5 credit points each student will be required to present one seminal 2D material paper.


2D material motivation
Introduction, graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, van der Waals heterostructures

2D material characterization
E. Malic, M. Fogelström, P. Tassin , T. Shegai , S. Dash
Optics & non equilibrium dynamics, transport, plasmonics, optical spectroscopy, spintronics

2D materials growth
A. Yurgens, X. Zhang
CVD, epitaxy, chemical functionalization

2D materials applications
J. Stake, A. Matic, J. Liu, V. Palermo, I. Mijakovic
Electronics, energy storage, thermal management, multi-functional composited, biomedical applications

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Published: Thu 20 Jun 2019. Modified: Tue 19 Nov 2019