Graphene Centre Seminars

​Graphene center seminar takes place on monthly basis.
It will be every last Monday in the month at 1-2 pm in Kollektorn, MC2. 
​28 May 2020 (Thursday) ChunNing (Jeanie) Lau, Ohio USA​
Flat bands in Flatlands
​27 April 2020
​Cancelled due to corona virus situation
Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Quantum devices in bilayer graphene

​30 March 2020
Cancelled due to corona virus situation​
​​Bernard Placais, CNRS Paris, France
Cooling pathways of hot electrons in graphene

​24 February 2020

​​Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li, Austin Texas, USA
Optical properties of semiconductor moire crystals​
​27 January 2020

Dmitry Turchinovich, Bielefeld, Germany
Terahertz physics of graphene, possibly the most nonlinear material we know​
​25 November 2019

Ursula Wurstbauer, WWU Münster
Valley properties in tunable 2D materials and artificial van der Waals solids​
​28 October 2019

Adrian Bachtold, ICFO, The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, Spain
Nanotube Electro-Mechanical Resonators​​
​30 Septem​ber 2019

Max Lemme, AMO and RWTH Aachen University, Germany
The application potential of electronic devices based on graphene and related 2-dimensional materials​
​27 May 2019

Wang Yao, Department of Physics and Center of Theoretical and Computational Physics, The University of Hong Kong
Valley-spintronics in the moiré of van der Waals layered structures.pdfValley-spintronics in the moiré of van der Waals layered structures
​29 April 2019

Christoph Stampfer, Aachen, Germany
Boosting the carrier mobility of graphene.pdfBoosting the carrier mobility of graphene
​25 March 2019

Annick Loiseau, LEM, CNRS - Onera, France
​Understanding optical absorption and luminescence in hBN: a tool for a characterisation metrics from bulk to the monolayer​​
​25 February 2019

Christophe Voisin, Paris, France
Carbon nano-structures as quantum-light sources
​28 January 2019

Claudia Backes, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Many candidates new in the zoo: Towards unifying principles in liquid exfoliation of various layered crystals​
​26 November 2018

Alessandro Tredicucci, University of Pisa, Italy​
​​Between photonics and electronics: is THz the promised land of graphene technologies?​
22 October 2018 Andras Kis, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Exciton Manipulation in 2D TMDC Heterostructures


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