Francesco Bonaccorso, IIT Italy​ ​

Title: The science and technology of 2D-materials for energy conversion and storage 

​​Rudolf Bratschitsch, University of Munster, Germany

​Title: Single-photon emitters in 2D materials
Bratschitsch abstract.docx Abstract

Alexey ​Chernikov, University of Regensburg, Germany​

​Title: Exciton propagation in automically thin semiconductors

​​Saroj Dash, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden ​

​Title: Charge and Spin transport in 2D Semiconductor Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors
Dash_biography.docxBiography Dash​

​Maja Feierabend, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden ​

Title: Proposal for novel dark-exciton-based sensors
BiographyMaja.odtBiography Feierabend

Mikhail Glazov, Ioffe Institute, Russia ​

Title: Nonlinear optical and transport properties of excitons in atom-thin semiconductors

Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University, USA​

​Title: MXenes and MXene Heterostructures
Gogotsi abstract.doc Abstract
Gogotsi Biography.docx Biography Gogotsi

​Frank Koppens, ICFO, Spain 

​Title: Nanoimaging of polaritons and intersubband transitions in 2d-material heterostructures
Koppens abstract.doc Abstract

​Thomas Mueller, University of Vienna, Austria

​Title: Transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor (opto-)electronics
Abstract_Mueller.docx Abstract

Konstantin Novoselov, University of Manchester, UK

Title: Materials in the Flatland
NovoselovBiography.docxBiography Novoselov

​Paulina Plochocka, CNRS, France 

​Title: Excitons in MoS2/MoSe2/MoS2 trilayer

​Aleksandra Radenovic, EPFL, Switzerland

​Title: 2D material nanopores
Radenovic abstract.pdf Abstract

​​Timur Shegai, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden ​​
​​Title: Exciton-plasmon Interactions in TMD materials
Shegai abstract.docxAbstract
Shegai_biography_2018.docxBiography Shegai

​Kristian Thygesen, DTU, Denmark​​

​Title: High-throughput Modeling and Discovery of Novel 2D Materials and Heterostructures

​​Bernhard Urbaszek, CNRS, France​​

​Title: Excitons in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers: Dynamics and Spin-valley physics short bio and photo.docx Biography Urbaszek 

​​Miriam Vitiello, CNR, Italy ​​

Title: Bi dimensional materials as active media for the detection of Terahertz-frequency lig​ht
Vitiello Abstract Chalmers - October 2nd.docx Vitiello
Vitiello_Biography.docxBiography Vitiello

​Robert Young, University of Manchester, UK​

​​​​​​​​​Title: Stress-induced Raman Bands Shifts in 2D Materials beyond Graphene
Young abstract Chalmers.docx Abstract
Young biography.doc Biography Young


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