Klaus Blaum receives the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2016

The Gothenburg Physics Centre honors professor KLAUS BLAUM, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany, with the 2016 Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award “for the development of innovative techniques for high-precision measurements of stored radioactive ions”.
Klaus Blaum works on high-precision spectroscopy, mostly mass spectroscopy of stable and radioactive ions. To this purpose ions are stored in Penning traps or storage rings under highly-controlled conditions. Such measurements are important because they provide key data for answering questions ranging from the formation of heavy nuclei in the universe and the structure of atomic nuclei to neutrino physics and the standard model of particle physics.
"Klaus Blaum has developed innovative techniques that have pushed the precision limit for such unique measurements", says Andreas Heinz, chairman of the award committee.
Nuclear masses and charge radii, especially of radioactive nuclei, are of central interest for researchers in Gothenburg working on questions related to subatomic physics. There is a strong interest in such data from an experimental as well as from a theoretical point view. Hence, there is a significant amount of interest in the results provided by Klaus Blaum. Moreover, his activities on using low-energy storage rings to investigate radioactive ions are techniques on which also Gothenburg researchers are working. A core of the activities of Klaus Blaum is located at ISOLDE/CERN, where especially the Chalmers group is also very active.
"With this award we hope not only for an excellent presentation by Klaus Blaum and an interesting symposium, covering a rather wide range of topics, but also a strengthening of our common connections at CERN and at FAIR", says Andreas Heinz.

Published: Thu 28 Apr 2016. Modified: Mon 09 May 2016