Bachelor's thesis projects

Bild-projektkatalog-2018_GPCweb_300x384.jpgEvery year the Gothenburg Physics Centre presents all Bachelor's thesis proposals that are offered by our four departments in a catalogue. Whether you are an undergraduate student looking for inspiration for your thesis or just interested to see what kind of projects that our students do, feel free to download the catalogue. Most projects are presented in Swedish, however, if the supervisor for a certain project is English-speaking then the project is presented in English.

 Download the project catalogue for 2019 (pdf) 

Poster exhibition

During 12-16 November 2018 there is a poster exhibition in Canyon outside Kollektorn lecture hall, MC2 building 4th floor, where all Bachelor's thesis proposals are presented.
The students also get a chance to meet the supervisors of the projects,
13 November between 12-13.15.

See you there!​​

Published: Tue 06 Nov 2018.