Centre Day 2019

Centre Day 2019

Welcome to an exciting joint Centre Day, co-organised between the two VINNOVA Competence Centres, ChaseOn and GHz centre. 
The day will include technical presentations of collaborative research projects, an invited talk given by Dr. Thomas Merkle, Fraunhofer IAF and lots of opportunities for mingling and networking with other peers, and last but not least a gala dinner at Hyllan, Chalmers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get updated on what is happening at  the research forefront of these important technical areas.

WHEN: 6 November, 2019 at 09.30 - 17.00
WHERE: Palmstedtsalen, Student Union Building, Chalmersplatsen 1, Göteborg
Register here​ before 25 October.


​Coffee an​d registration
Where do we stand after half time?, Directors and Chairman ChaseOn & GHz Centre
Sensor systems, ChaseOn
Smart receivers for future linear RF systems, GHz Centre
Integrated THz systems, GHz Centre

​INVITED KEYNOTE: Advances and challenges of III-V HEMTs for use in future THz sensing, radar and commmunication systems, Dr. Thomas Merkle, Fraunhofer IAF
​Lunch. Poster session starts

Perspectives from two members in our International Scientific Advisory Board
Wolfgang Heinrich, FBH, Berlin and Christophe Gaquiere, IEMN and MC2 Technologies, Lille
Next generation reliable vehicle communication, ChaseOn
Thermal effects (in GaN and beyond), GHz Centre
ChaseOn & GHz Centre poster flash presentations​
​Coffee and poster session
​Integrated array antennas, ChaseOn
Microwave hyperthermia systems for cancer treatment, ChaseOn
Efficient and linear millimeter wave transmitters, GHz Centre
Multiantenna wireless architectures for next-generation wireless systems, ChaseOn​
​Concluding the Centre Day, Directors and Chairman ChaseOn & GHz Centre
​General assembly for partners in ChaseOn and GHz Centre
​17:30 Refreshments outside Palmstedtsalen
​18:00 ​Gala dinner at Hyllan, Chalmers (FULLY BOOKED, restricted to 90 participants)

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