GHz Centre PhD students awarded

At the Swedish Radio and Microwave Days ( ) in Stockholm 6-8 March 2012, two PhD students at MC2 were awarded by the GHz Symposium committee:
Best paper award (sponsored by European Microwave Association):
Joel Schleeh
for the contribution:
InP HEMTs Optimized for Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers
Joel Schleeh, Per-Åke Nilsson, Piotr Starski, Niklas Wadefalk, Jan Grahn
Best student paper award (sponsored by IEEE Electron Device Society):
Stella Bevilaqua
for the contribution:
Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers on MgB2 films
Stella Bevilacqua, Sergey Cherednichenko, Vlaldimir Drakinsky, Hiroyki Shibata, Jan Stake

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