GHz Centre 2017-2021 has now been finalized

​The final GHz Centre report summarizes five years of research between Chalmers and 13 companies in wireless hardware 2017-2021. Download the report here.​

GigaHertz Centre (GHz Centre) was a five-year research collaboration 2017-2021 between Chalmers and industry in high-frequency technologies: Improved energy efficiency in mm-wave MIMO transmitter 5G systems (2) Linearity and efficiency trade-offs in multi-antenna 5G receiver systems (3) Electro-thermal effects in GaN HEMTs (4) Low-noise receivers based on III-V components for scientific instrumentation in space and physics.

GHz Centre was composed of Chalmers, 13 industrial partners and one research institute.  The industrial partner National Instruments left 2020, Gotmic left 2021 whereas Keysight Technologies joined 2019 and Virginia Diodes joined 2020. In total, we had in total 100 (14 female) researchers and engineers involved at Chalmers and the industrial partners with a total project budget of 142.3 MSEK (61.1 MSEK cash). The total outcome was 134.0 MSEK (-6%). Industrial share was 47% (39% cash).

A competence centre is carrying out research for the benefit of both academy and industry. GHz Centre has presented 69 peer-reviewed scientific journal and international conference papers. Convincing evidence of the strong intellectual collaboration was that 55% of the papers were co-published between Chalmers and industry. We have produced eight PhDs of which six now are hired in relevant industry. Ten GHz Centre partners are now using the GHz Centre results in development of new technologies, products, IPRs as well as for benchmarking and increased know-how including education. Five of the companies are already using GHz Centre results in their products. All these metrics present ample evidence that GHz Centre now has impact on academy and industry beyond publications and examinations. As a result, we have been able to document nine success stories of industrial impact, e.g., 5G linear transmitters, mm-wave space instrumentation and low-noise amplifiers for quantum computing or monitoring of tropical storms from space.

The joint consortium between GHz Centre and the antenna systems centre ChaseOn has proven to work extremely well with shared General Assembly, Steering Board, International Scientific Advisory Board, centre days, seminars, and a strategy group. Many new ideas and projects in wireless have resulted from a joint consortium which developed and extended the value chain in research for wireless hardware, for the benefit of Chalmers and more than 20 companies. The large confidence in how Chalmers has built up the industrial research collaboration in microwave technology since 1995 is now going over to a new phase 2022 in the launch of a joint bridge centre between GHz Centre and ChaseOn, eventually fulfilling the merging we have planned since 2015.

Page manager Published: Thu 07 Apr 2022.