About the GHz Centre

GigaHertz Centre (GHz Centre) was a fifteen-year agreement between Chalmers University of Technology, research institutes, company partners and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) to carry out research and innovation in wireless communication and sensor technologies. All partners jointly invest resources in the GHz Centre in order to carry out research projects along a common plan. The projects was selected from common needs among the industrial partners. The GHz Centre was administered and hosted by Chalmers, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2.

The GHz Centre was run 2007 - 2021 in five consecutive Stages:
Stage 1 2007 - 2008
Stage 2 2009 - 2011
Stage 3 2012 - 2014
Stage 4 2015 - 2016
              2017 - 2021

For each Stage, a new Consortium Agreement and Research Programme are settled by negotiation between Chalmers and industial stakeholders. To date, almost twenty companies have collaborated with Chalmers through GHz Centre in 21 projects.

The GHz Centre vision is to create the new wireless hardware, which radically increases data rate, sensing capability and energy efficiency than possible today for businesses critical to Swedish competitiveness.

The GHz Centre mission is to bring scientific advances aimed for future wireless communication and sensors faster to industrial exploitation.

GHz Centre was a Competence Centre partly funded by Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation (Vinnova). The long-term objective of the Vinnova Competence Centre programme was to promote sustainable growth effects in Sweden.

GHz Centre 2017-2021 was granted after a national competition by Vinnova. Year 2007-2016, GHz Centre was part of the VINN Excellence Programme at Vinnova. The predecessor of GHz Centre was Chalmers Center for High-Speed Technology (CHACH) 1995-2006, part of the first generation of Swedish Competence Program. As a result, Chalmers, as the host university for GHz Centre, has one of the strongest track records in performing research and doing innovation with industry in wireless, building on 25 years of continuous collaboration.

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